Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lord save us now!

Lord, I am thankful that you have forgiven me because of your sacrifice upon the cross and I am glad th   at those in glory with you have also forgiven me my many failures.  Only in your grace do I have hope. 

Help me forgive others as you have forgiven me.  Grant me wisdom in the darkness of our times.  Help me not lose my way.  Lead me good shepherd through this mist of doubts, misgivings, and lies.  Be the light to my path. 

Dry my tears and give me comfort.  Lift me out of my weakness with your strength.  Abide in me and let your life flow through me.  Renew and restore my soul and spirit that I may follow you.  

Save us from the insanity of our times.  Raise up leaders of character and competence.  Crush the forces of irrationality and fear.  Lord have mercy.  Save us!  Amen

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