Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lord, help us for we are so lost that without you we have no hope!

Good Father, help us now to find our way.  Help us maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 

Help us see you as you are and to be careful of how we see you. 

Guide us to a mature faith that can agree to disagree on minor things. 

Help us see the difference between major and minor issues.  Lord make us wise. 

Grant to us maturity.  Keep us from being tossed about by every wind of doctrine and rumors.

Holy Spirit come and guide us into all truth and bring to us the power to live that truth consistently in our times.  

Bring down the strong holds of the false teaching of Islam and allow the true gospel to replace this lie about you with the truth.  Free the hundreds of millions that live under the tyranny of that false system.  Lord have mercy and bring revival to the churches in Islamic lands and grant them a strong loving boldness in proclaiming the truth.  

Lord help me to love your truth and be more deeply converted to your truth.  

Lord, revive, renew, reform, and restore your Church around the world, filling us with the Holy Spirit and making us effective in being the light and salt of the world. 

Give to the people of the world a love for the unborn and a hatred of unjustified abortions.  Change our thinking and our hearts on these matters.  

Give to me a change of heart and help me overcome the false ideas and attitudes that exist within me.  Lord have mercy on us all.  Amen

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