Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thank you for your love for me!

Lord this day let me remember that you have signed a marriage covenant with me one that cannot be broken and is eternal.  Help me see your love for me is greater than I could have hoped.  

You have touched my most inner and secret heart with your wisdom and gospel.  You have made me your own and set me aside to have a personal and deep relationship with me.  You have opened your heart to me in Messiah Jesus and seek now for me to open my heart to you.  

My great transgressions because of your sacrifical LOVE you have pardoned, erased, taken away, and will never mention to me again all that I have confessed.

 Thank you for your great mercy, compassion, commitment, devotion, and passion for me.  I am not worthy of such great LOVE.  

Let me see more clearly the wonder of who you are Lord that I might respond with pure and passionate love for you, which will lead me into a lifestyle of following you in all I do and say.  Lord have mercy, transform me through your promises.  Amen

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