Friday, October 2, 2015

Heavenly Father, help us today!

Heavenly Father, you are good, great and full of grace.  YOU are worthy of love, respect, and trust.  YOU are faithful, keeping your promises, always consistent, and infinity wise.  YOU are love.  May my life reflect your greatness that those that see me today will be in awe of your character and competence as reflected in me.  May your likeness shine through me.  May your gospel of grace and love be made incarnate in me today.  Make me a living gospel today.  Let me live as the body of Christ Jesus should live today on the earth.  Thank you for forgiveness and transformation.  Come Holy Spirit and change me from the inside out.  

Lord, look at all who make profession of faith in your as Triune God and have been baptized in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and reform us to biblical content in our faith.  Lord, convert our minds that we might worship you in truth.  Help us not be tossed about by different winds of man made or devil inspired teachings but allow your saving gospel be rightly understood by all those who call upon the name of YOU the one Triune and True God.  

Lord, awaken all the spiritual leaders and teachers of this great host to become conformed in their thinking to your mind but also grant them in their experience a real encounter with you the Living and resurrected LORD of grace.  Give them a hunger and thirst for your word and prayer.  Speak to them personally and truly today and allow them to be your under shepherds to bring all your people to the knowledge of the truth and mature faith.  Allow them to equip your people so that they may effectively minister to a world in desperate need.  

Lord, reform, revive, and renew all the fallen pastors who have strayed from their calling into gross and destructive sins that have brought shame to your name.  Watch over their spouses and children and bring healing into these homes.  Allow your forgiveness and grace be felt and heal broken relationships.  Out of the dust of shame and sin, bring true repentance and new fruitfulness.  Let there be deep conviction and repentance and bring a ministry out of them that has grown because of these times of great struggle.  Lord have mercy on them and forgive them.  

Lord, defeat ISIS. As you defeated Nazi Germany so defeat this new manifestation of the spirit that desires to kill, steal, and destroy.  Steal from them their funds.  Grant their leadership confusion of mind and mistakes on the battle field. 

Provide new courage and strength to the soldiers that fight ISIS.  Allow those who fight them do so justly and not commit any crimes of revenge.  Allow those who fight ISIS not become like ISIS.  Do not allow the evil spirit that fills them contaminate those who battle them.  Quarantine this evil and truly exorcize it from the earth in this generation. 

Work a redemptive miracle and reveal yourself in the gospel to ISIS so that they will abandon Islam as a false religion and become disciples of the true Gospel of grace.  Lord fulfill your promises in Isaiah 19:19-25 and bring a great spiritual awakening to the Jews and Arabs in our generation.  Convert the Middle East to your gospel of grace in Messiah Jesus.  

Lord, awaken the conscience of America concerning abortion.  Allow many  women facing crisis pregnancies to see that they have options which will save their babies lives.  Allow the abortion clinics to go out of business because no women in America would consider having an abortion because they have recognized that it is a horribly wrong thing to do.  Help us face our massive national guilt and instead of deny it, confess it and seek repentance from it.  Heal the hearts and homes that have been impacted by this mass murder of tens of millions of babies thru deception and misconception.  Bring the love of life to us in great power.  Allow us to believe that we can be forgiven by your great grace of this great immorality.  Help us show compassion to every woman facing a crisis pregnancy and without condemnation provide her help, support, care, and practical solutions.  Grant that we may be able to heal the hearts of those who are suffering the physical and emotional effects of having an abortion and bring to them hope and healing.  Lord, have mercy on all of this complex and dark reality and awaken us to a new beginning free of this horrible transgression against life. 

Grant that the babies that are saved from abortion to be given the gift of faith in the gospel.  Save their lives so that their souls may be saved.  Grant special grace upon these children saved from the fires and provide them true faith and repentance before they die.  Lord, have mercy on these children and bless them with a special revelation of your gospel love.  

Lord forgive me for not praying more in greater passionate faith.  Forgive me for relying so much on my own methods and means that I forgot that without you I can do nothing that matters.  Help me see my utter dependance on you and weakness.  Save me from pride, self-reliance, and self-rightousness.  Help me see that without YOU I can do nothing.  Lord, not only forgive me but bring healing to all those that I hurt because of my sin.  All of my sins have hurt other people.  My forgiveness does not help the victims of my transgressions.  Please heal them and where I can make meaningful restitution show me how to do this and not cause more harm.  Lord help the victims of my sins to heal.  Lord, help me consider the harm of sin before I decide to sin again.  Help me hate sin because of the pain it produces in others.  Lord have mercy and cleanse me from my great guilt that I might now point towards your glorious grace.   For the sake of your sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead forgive me.  

Lord of love teach me to have compassion.  Lord of grace allow me to show mercy.  Lord of truth let me live in integrity today.  LORD HELP!  Father have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Spirit have mercy.  

Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  

Come quickly Lord Jesus!  Amen 

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