Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lord reform us today!

Forever Father, you are light and truth, in you there is no darkness or lies.  You are always giving good gifts to creation.  You are good in character and great in competence in all you do.  

You are eternal and yet enter into the most intimate aspects of our day by day lives.  You are wholly separate from creation and yet fill all creation with your presence. 

Father you are greater than all the true words that have been spoken about you thru all times and are beyond our imaginations to conceive in your real and absolute glory. 

Thank you for letting us come to you.  Thank you for letting me come to you.  Help me now to pray.  Help me to communicate to you.  Help us to communicate to you.

Help me sense your presence.  Make us aware of your presence today.  Take away our blindness.  Take away our deafness.  Take from us our hearts of stone.  Take away my heart of stone.  

Help your people today to be filled with your Holy Spirit.  Filled me today with your Holy Spirit.  Come to us Lord Jesus.  Come to me Lord Jesus.  Breathe on us.  Revive us.  Revive me.  

Send reformation of doctrine to all who are water baptized and believe in your revelation found in the Bible about Messiah/Christ Jesus.  Let us have sound healthy true biblical doctrine and teaching.  

Allow us to teach and preach the gospel of Paul the Apostle and the other Apostles.  Allow the visible church's pastors, theologians, and authorities be reformed in their doctrine so that it reflects the truth of the scriptures accurately  

Lord let this reformation of mind and heart include Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is known as Pope Francis. Lord let Jorge Bergoglio be called by your Holy Spirit to reform his beliefs and teachings to be in conformity to your WORD.  

Complete the hope and prayer of the reformation that the Church would be restored to a true understanding of the gospel and freed from the traditions of human beings which have replaced your WORD.  

Lord save Protestantism who has also fallen into dark times and unhealthy teaching.  Lord, begin your work among us your people.  All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way.  Good shepherd come now and lead us out of the darkness and save us from the wolves that are in sheep clothing. Give your people a humbleness before your WORD.  Allow us to hear your voice Good Shepherd.  Lead us now into truth.  

Save us all from unhealthy and false ideas and teach us through your WORD healthy and true doctrine.  Lord reform us!

Let the truth set us free, humble us in our sins, open our hearts to true faith, through the Spirit produce in us true faith, confession, and repentance.  Make of us what you would want us to be effective in being the light and salt of the earth.  

Lord, you know my heart.  You know what needs to be corrected in my heart.  I bring my heart to you and ask you to break its hardness, unbelief, blindness, pride, and stubbornness.  Lord revive, renew, restore, and reform me.  Allow me to read your Word that I might be read by your WORD  and transformed more and more into your likeness.  Lord, come now.  We desperately need you.  Come now.  Amen

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