Monday, October 12, 2015

Giver of all good gifts, Help us!

Good, great, and graceful eternal heavenly Father in Christ Jesus and by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.  The good giver of every good gift.  Help me to see your awesome character and competence in my life and praise you for all you have given me from my forgiveness to my creation.  

Center me in your presence.  Let me be in the reality that you are over me, around me, under me, and in me.  You are my most intimate soul mate.  You alone really know me and I am made in your image. 

At my best I reflect you.  We are linked so that without you I have no purpose and the design of my being is useless.  I was made to be in your likeness.  Everything that prevents this distorts me as well as distorts you.  You are the Creator and I am the created.  You are the giver and I am the receiver.  You are the one who is seen through the window and I am the window. 

We are lovers with you always faithful, forgiving and committed and I am failing consistently yet seeking reconciliation in the middle of my struggles. 

Revive my love for  you.  Everything else depends on this alone.  Without love for you I will be in darkness and reflect nothing worth reflecting.  Allow my vision of gut faith be true.  Take from  me illusions about you so that I might see you as your are, worthy of love. 

Give me hope that it is not hopeless because of my weakness, lack of discipline, and foolishness.  Let me have hope in your wisdom, patience, and commitment to our relationship to pull us through. 

Lord, horrible things are happening.  Your people are like sheep that have gone astray, wandering in lifestyles of immorality and lies, self righteous, not confessing, not repenting, and condemning.  Bring us back to the way of life.  Restore us to lives of truth and humility.  

He who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy seems active on every side.  Allow the next mass shooter and murderer to be discovered before they can succeed.  Make those around them aware of the danger and may the by caught before they can act.  Convict them of the evil they plan and have them seek help before they do harm.  Give our leaders wisdom in what can be done to protect innocent lives. 

Awaken us to the dread horrible and deadly nature of abortion.  Grant to us a new love and hope for life.  Change our hearts concerning the value of the unborn and let us find together a better way to provide quality lives to people than taking their lives before they are born. Give us hope for the next generation. 

Take from Isis their competence.  May all their plans be foolish and self defeating.  Take from the their financial supporters and dry up their funds.  May their plans on the battlefield be self defeating.  Awaken them to the truth of your gospel and bring about Saul like conversions among their ranks.  Awaken those deceived into recruitment see the ugly nature of this life and understand that they have a greater destiny than becoming murderers.  Lord defeat this evil of our time.  Lord have mercy. 

Come now in revival or in the ultimate revelation of your glory.  The cost of our rebellion against your kingdom is beyond description.  Death, pain, loss, and grief stalk us and we have no hope but you.  Help us!  We do not deserve your help.  But in your grace Help us!  

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen 

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