Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lord have mercy!

Eternal, REAL, everlasting,infinite, all knowing, all powerful,perfectly good, perfectly wise, perfectly merciful, living TRIUNE SPIRIT of LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, help me now to experience the truth that you are here with me, over me, under me, around me, and in me.  May I praise you for being the wonder you are in awesome greatness, goodness, and grace.  No words can adore you adequately.  Silence before you makes more sense except you enjoy the poor finite loving babbling of your children.  So I come babbling at your bidding.  

Lord, the extreme brokenness of my soul, the impact of my sin on others, the pain I have caused by my actions and lack of action is weighing on me. 

I need your forgiveness of such grave transgressions of failing to love others as I ought to love them.  But even forgiveness is not enough. 

I need you to help and heal those I have hurt.  I not only need the forgiveness of the moral wickedness of my failure to love but also help in making restitution where I can to those who I have failed.  But there is so little I can do to make anything right and so many things are broken beyond all repair. 

Please repair, restore, and heal what I have made a mess of and grant strength to those that suffer because of my not understanding how to wisely or rightly love day by day.  Help me to learn to love better. Lord, fill me with your love.  

Lord we are in the place that Jeremiah spoke of long ago. 

Jeremiah 2:13 NASB - "13 "For My people have committed two evils:They have forsaken Me,The fountain of living waters,To hew for themselves cisterns,Broken cisternsThat can hold no water."

Lord, save us from our insanity.  Revive, renew, restore, and reform your people.  Help us find our way back to our first love.  Holy Spirit come and fill us with a new revelation of the greatness of the love of Messiah/Christ Jesus.  Help us see how much we have been forgiven that we might love you more. Lord now come to us and help us be the healers of the nations. 

Lord send out your light that the darkness might be overcome.  Bring revival to the Middle East and with that an end to ISIS.  Bring revival to the United States and the world and with that the end of abortion.  Let your presence and knowledge of the gospel become so great that it might flood the whole earth with grace even as the waters of Noah flooded it with judgment.  Flood us with your grace.  Without it we have no hope.  

Give the persecuted church the strength to endure under torture and oppression.  Lift up our bleeding brothers and sisters and help them.  Lord turn the heart of their persecutors towards you.  Give power to your church under pressure.  Lord have mercy.  Help them! 

Only YOU can save us.  We cannot save ourselves.  We are spiritually poor and have nothing without YOU.  Jesus only Jesus can save us.  Lord Jesus save us.  Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.   

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