Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Father forgive me!

Father of grace, goodness, and greatness.  Help me see you clearly that I might reflect your awesome character and competence before the watching world.  

Forgive me my lack of faith, hope, and love.  This is the core of my moral failure.  The wrong deeds I have done have reflected my lack of trust in you.  The things that I did not do that I should have done reflect my lack of trust in you.  Forgive me and increase in my reliance and confidence in you and your gospel.  Lord have mercy.  

Forgive me my lack of hunger and thirst for your kingdom and righteousness.  I have wanted pleasure and some poor substitute for success.  I have hungered and thirsted for my own pleasure instead of your pleasure.  I have been self centered and short sighted.  

Forgive me by the value of your blood sacrifice applied to these failings.  Cleanse me from the moral guilt of these transgressions against your heart.  Give me a heart in tune with your heart.  

Push back the darkness of our times.  The darkness of the killing of the unborn children, the darkness of ISIS, the darkness of racism, and the darkness of spiritual poverty based on false teaching in your church. 

Lord bring your light.  Weaken the darkness and allow us to be revived, renewed, restored, and reformed.  Lord move among us and save us from ourselves.  Help us not love darkness but desire your light.  Convict us deeply for our sins that we might love you more for providing us forgiveness.  Allow your grace to transform us from the inside out. 

Do all this for your glory, our good, and that we may be of some good in being your light during these dark times.  Lord hear us and help us.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.  Amen 

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