Monday, October 26, 2015

Lord, lift me up I am fainting!

Lord, today my inward self is fainting and desires to experience and know your saving presence and power much more than I do.  I feel like my vision is failing.  I need to see the fulfillment of your promises this day.  When will you come to lift me up?  

I trust your gospel to be true. Help me to increase my trust in your promises to me.  Help me to not forget the gospel regardless of the circumstances I now face.  

Look upon the attacks of the dark forces that assault me and by your blood and testimony defeat them.  Make known your victory at the cross through my life. Help me to never forsake your truth.  

Thank you for your unfailing love for me proven in your sacrifice upon the tree and resurrection from the dead.  May my life this day reflect your redemption.  Amen

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