Monday, October 5, 2015

Father of mercy, center me in YOU.

Father of mercy and might, help me see your goodness, greatness, and grace this day in the Messiah Jesus.  Help me sense your presence all around me and in me according to the promises of the gospel.  Holy Spirit, fill me now.  Help me to experience the reality of your being with me and hearing me.   Center my soul in YOU. 

I need to love you more, follow you more consistently, think your thoughts after you, reflect your heart in my heart, and see everything from your perspective.  Forgive me my unbelief that blinds me, limits my love, creates inconsistencies, and poisons the thoughts of my heart.  

Lord, increase my faith, trust, and dependence upon you this day.  Into your hands I commit this day.  Send your comfort to my hurting heart.  Change my mind and take from me the heart of stone exchanging it for a sensitive heart of flesh. 

The Church, the governments of this world, the corporations, and every individual heart needs a fresh wind and fire to come upon us, a reformation of our thoughts, a seeking after truth, a compassion for the needy, and practical wisdom about how to do your will on the earth. 

Where there is blindness send sight, allow us to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  Save us from destructive anger that only promotes pride and self-righteousness.  Save us from self-centeredness and self-righteousness.  Humble us that we may be lifted up by your strength, grace, and truth.  Teach us your ways.  Use our light to push back our darkness. 

Lord of love and compassion, Come now to us. Help us believe the gospel of grace in Christ Jesus and live the gospel of mercy before a watching world this day.  Amen

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