Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lord let me see you more clearly

Father of all fathers, Authority of all authorities, Lover of all lovers, Eternal, All Knowing, All Good, All Great, All Grace, Maker of heaven and earth, and friend of Abraham.  Triune Wonder of FATHER, SON, and SPIRIT.  The ONE and Only TRUE GOD. 

I who am small and sinful come boldly before you because of your promise in your sacrifice upon the cross for my sins and resurrection from the dead.  By that great grace now pay attention to my heart and words, poor as they are, and show your kindness by listening to me. 

Help me to pray.  Help me to speak.  Help me to cry to you.  Help me to sense your presence around me.  Help me have spiritual reality in my experience.  Keep me from empty forms of religion and playing games of worship.  Help me be real with you.  

Lord I need to see you more clearly than I do.  Take away the lies that I believe about you in my heart.  The false idols that I have erected in my soul and placed your holy name upon them.  Let me know you as you truly are and not transform you into who I would want to make you after my image.  Let me desire to be changed into your image and not attempt in my mind to change you into my image.  Lord forgive me my idolatry.  Help me worship YOU as you are in Spirit and Truth.  

Lord I need to love you more dearly than I do.  Give me the energy to feel passion again.  Lift me out of my self pity and depression.  Let me let go of my weariness.  Help me love you with passion again and be inspired to new levels of devotion to you.  Give me a hunger and thirst for you and the experience of fellowship with you.  Give me a seeking heart.  Forgive me my apathy.  Deepen my commitment.  

Lord I need to follow you more nearly than I do.  Let me examine my habits and life style and see where they do not reflect how your would live in my circumstances and relationships.  Allow me to let go of those things not consistent with being your follower and add those things that are essential to living a life for your glory.  Help others see your competence, and character in me.  May I reflect your greatness, goodness, and grace before all who see me.  Transform me to be like you.

Lord allow all your people to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly.  Bring a true, mature, lasting, and real reformation, revival, and renewal to your Church.  Let us be effective in bringing truth and resisting evil in our generation.  Build your Church as you promised!

End abortion by awakening people to the need to care for women in crisis pregnancies making us ready to help them in any way needed so that they would see that giving birth to their children can be done in real hope of a good life for their children and for themselves. 

Also allow every women to see that the unborn child within her is an unborn child within her.   Let the illusion that this life is not significant or sacred disappear.  Let the conviction and belief that a human beings life begins in the womb and must be protected in the womb become such a deep value that the idea of abortion would become the unthinkable idea except in rare life threatening situations. 

Let this conversion of heat become nearly universal so that abortions end because they are rejected as an answer to the struggle of giving birth “East of Eden.”  Lord have mercy on us all.  

Bring gospel faith to the Middle East.  Let the true gospel be seen as the truth in all the nations there.  Overcome all teachings that oppose the gospel with love and respect.  Pour out your Spirit and Revelation upon those nations and bring a just peace to them.  

Lord come quickly!  We are i so much darkness.  Come in revival or in the final revelation of your kingdom but come to us now!  Help us in this desperate hour!  Help us! 

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