Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lord remember your WORD!

Lord you word is established forever, it is enduring and sure, Every atom in the universe serves you and awaits to hear you utter a word of power to determine its course.  Your true principles of life given as a gift to me have provided for me sanity and stability in the worst of times.  Help me to never forget what you have taught me.  

Grant that what I have seen in the light of your word, I will not doubt during the darkness of difficult times.  Thank you for preserving my faith, love, and hope in YOU.  

Defeat the enemies of my soul this day by your great power for your glory, my good, and so I might be of some good in helping others this day.  Lord have mercy upon me according to the promises of your Word.  Amen (Psalm 119:89-96)

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