Sunday, October 4, 2015

Your kingdom come!

Heavenly Father of love, grace, goodness, and glory.  You are greater than my greatest thoughts of you.  Help me to have a better understanding of you that I might be in more awe of you and have greater love.  

Lord, today move to awaken people to the horror of abortion and the need of helping women in crisis pregnancies to be able to have the loving support they need to bring these children into the world.  Help us also be ready to help these children to have a life of sanity, stability, and spirituality.  Grant to us a vision of placing value on each life made in your image, striving to give each one the opportunity to reach their full potential before you.  Lord have mercy no upon us.  

Lord, teach us to disciple our children.  Help us know how to nurture the true faith in our families.  Allow the hearts of the children to be turned to trust in YOU and find their refuge in YOU.  Grant to our children greater faith than what we have.  

Lord, teach us to disciple the nations.  Help us to win the hearts of people who have strayed from from you to become faithful disciples to you.  Show us how to disciple others.  Show us how to be disciples.  Help us live consistently based on our faith that others might see our faith in lifestyles.  

Lord, renew, revive, reform, and restore all those who worship the Triune God.  Make your visible Church mature in faith, hope, and love.  Let us not be tossed by every wind of false doctrine but be committed to the true gospel.  Reveal your truth to the leaders of all the organizations that represent those who believe the Bible and have faith in you the Triune God so that they would understand, preach, and teach the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, and by Christ Jesus alone.    Lord have mercy.  Raise up your Church to be one as you are One that the World might know that you have sent Messiah Jesus as Savior of your creation.  

Lord, comfort the family and friends of the victims of the mass shooting at the community college in Oregon today.  May all those who lost loved ones be given comfort.  Allow the body of Christ in that community be equipped to show effective compassion and support to the grieving.   Lord, have mercy upon us.  

Lord, end the reign of terror caused by ISIS.  Defeat their battle plans and drain their financial resources.  Help those forces that fight them to be successful and to act in honorable ways on the battlefield.  Grant our leaders wisdom on how we should respond as a nation to ISIS.  Provide a revelation to the members of ISIS that what they are doing is evil and have them seek salvation in the true gospel.  Awaken the entire Middle East to true faith in the gospel of Messiah Jesus.  Allow Jew and Moslem to be converted to trust in gospel of grace found in Messiah Jesus.  Tear down the strongholds of false teaching and provide TRUTH to replace lies.   Lord have mercy.  

Lord, within the circle of my own life increase my trust in you, your control of the future, and in you being worthy of my ultimate loyalty and love.  Lord renew, revive, reform, and restore me.   Forgive me my pride and selfishness.  Give me a more gracious spirit and attitude.   Help me be more like YOU, Lord Jesus that you may be glorified, that my life may be used for good, and for the good of all those that I have contact with.  Lord have mercy, help me not waste my life.  Amen 

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