Thursday, December 17, 2015

Meditation on 1 Peter 1:1-11

LORD, Jesus you are my God and Savior.

Provide for me the mercy, favor, and right relationship with you by the knowledge of the gospel and the experience of your reality in my soul. 

You have given to me the energy and ability to live life in a manner that reflects your character and competence.  YOU have invited me by your irresistible power to be your child and follower that all the world might see the wonder of your amazing compassion and transforming power.  

Your gospel promises which are precious and great, grant me the ability to experience and know the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT in me and allow me to not be dominated from the spiritual cancer of the culture in which I live, which is founded upon rebellion against your kingdom.  

Lord, add to my trust and reliance upon you as my one hope of salvation, a passion for living a sane, stable, and spiritual life, provide me the knowledge of your truth to such an extent that it will allow me to have self-control over wrong passions and thoughts.   Give to me a steady discipline of life that will allow me to be consistently reflecting your gospel love guided by your wise law as I am empowered by YOUR SPIRIT within me.   Give to me the care and concern for others that you have for them.   Let me see you more clearly LORD, that I might love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly.  

Lord, allow your faith in me produce glory for you, good to my soul, and good to all who I touch.   Help me not be ineffective or unfruitful in my relationship with YOU.  

Take away from me my focus only on temporary things and give me a mind that remembers eternity.  Help me not forget your great sacrifice that was required to cleanse me of my sins. 

Help me this day to be focused, sober, and consistent in being what you have desired me to be for all eternity.  Keep me from falling into error and help me to experience true discipleship.  

LORD, have mercy now upon me.  LORD, be glorified in my justification, my sanctification, and my glorification.  Reflect in my life your grace, mercy, and love.  

Thank you Lord for your great work of salvation and deliverance.  Amen

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