Saturday, December 26, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 2 and 85

Lord, all of us have gone astray and rebelled against your loving rule.  Not only as individuals, but as families, clans, communities, nations, and cultures we have rejected your authority and wisdom.  We have defined freedom as being free of YOU.

Lord, you cry a sad and mournful laugh at our foolishness.  A laughter of frustration and amazement at our arrogance and pride to think that we could defeat YOU.  Clearly we do not know who we are and have no idea of who YOU are when we rebel.  

YOUR answer to our rejection of YOU is to send us KING Messiah Jesus to save us from our rebellion and restore your KINGDOM to us that we might know the joy of your rule over us.   You have decreed that God the Son will become the Son of God, break our rebellion, and rule over all humanity forever and ever. 

Help us now be wise as individuals, families, clans, communities, nations, and cultures and surrender to the LORD KING Jesus with respect and in the joy that we have been given the KINGDOM back as a gift of grace.  

Holy Spirit come and give us a deep and passionate love for the SON that we may find our refuge and hope in HIM alone. 

Restore to us the wonder and awe of your love.  YOU have justly forgiven our sins in Messiah Jesus.  YOU have taken away your just wrath from us due to HIS sacrifice for us.  

Restore us and revive us.  Show to us your steadfast love and help us be delivered from all the lies of the cultures in which we live.  Speak to us with a WORD of power in this generation and bring to us the peace that goes beyond understanding.  Help us to relate in godly fear and faith towards YOU today!  

Help us see that in the Messiah Jesus you have brought together your unending committed passionate love and your holy steadfast unchanging goodness.  In the Messiah, you now are moving forward in our day to see your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  

Lord restore and revive your people in this day. Amen

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