Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 63 & 98

Lord, help me have a deep desire for YOU.  Let an experience of you be more vital to me than my breath.  

I have looked for you by meditating upon the suffering of Messiah Jesus and HIS resurrection from the dead.  There I see your faithful and eternal love, and the blood-promises you have made to me without condition.    This causes me to be in awe of your love and I feel great gratitude for your sacrificial and painful salvation of my life.  

You are my help and I find courage under your protection and that you uphold me.    You are my KING and my hope.

The fall has been overcome through the victory of the Lord Jesus.  Salvation has come through him.   HIS great salvation is reaching all the nations.  The whole earth is being filled with praise of the great redemption that the Lord Jesus has brought to us.   

Lord come quickly and fill the earth with your righteousness, justice, and mercy.   Amen

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