Saturday, December 5, 2015

Meditations on Psalm 20,21

Lord, hear my prayer and be my protection in the days when I find myself in the most trouble.  Be my helper, supporter, and shield.  Have mercy on me and give me your unconditional support at my weakest moment.

Lord, grant me the maximum fruitfulness that can come from my life from this moment to the time of my homecoming at my death.   Fill me with joy that you will keep my life from being spent in vain and provide for me a wonder of your grace when I see you face to face.  Lord, in you,is the victory!

Lord, save your people and answer their cries. 

Lord and King Messiah, you have the keys to the kingdom and have conquered death.  You have made a blood promise of eternal love and will never change in your full dedication to crushing the head of the devil, overcome the lies of the rebellious culture, and put to death the unbelief which is still alive in my heart.   Let me experience your salvation and victory today in my life.   

Let all the earth see your greatness Messiah Jesus and be awed by your infinite power.  Lord have mercy and give us the vision to see you as great, good, and full of grace.  Amen

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