Friday, December 11, 2015

Wait on the Lord - Meditation on Psalm 31

Lord, you are my safe hiding place and my one hope of not wasting my life.   Be for me a secure foundation and strong fortress in which I will not be lost to my fears and foes. 

Lord, you are faithful and have allowed me to led by your Spirit out of the ways of danger and into the path of life. 

I commit my life and future into your hands and remember that you have died and suffered for the salvation of my soul.  You have been faithful to me even when I have been faithless.  

At my most painful times, you have been with me.  You have not hidden your face from me at my worst moments.  

Lord, pour your mercy, compassion, long-suffering, and grace on me for I face a time of grief and sorrow.  My soul is sighing and my strength seems far from me.  Lift me up and carry me through this time.  

Thank you for the many who have helped me in my life.  Allow me to not fail to see your presence in them.  

Allow me to experience and know your presence and peace this day.  Out of this grant that I may become an agent of peace in the lives of others.  

Help me see the abundant goodness you have provided me in your coming to me and paying for my sins upon the cross and now interceding for me moment by moment before the throne of grace.  Lord, thank you for loving my heart and soul so much.  

Help me to love you with all my heart as I begin to see all that you have done for me.  Help me to wait upon YOU in the middle of all my struggles.  Lord have mercy and help me grow in my faith.  

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