Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meditation on Amos 3:12-4:5

LORD, even when we fall into horrible sins you are there to guide us out of our insanity and save us from fully suffering the consequences of our moral failures and lack of love.  

LORD, when your DAY comes you will judge all false worship and bring to an end all idolatry.  TRUTH will rule all. 

LORD, when your DAY comes you will look upon those who oppressed others for their personal peace and happiness and cause them to face the harm they have caused.  As they have caused others to suffer without regard for the hurt they were doing, so now they will suffer, with no one to have empathy or care about them.  

LORD have mercy in the midst of righteous judgment.   

Let us not deny your DAY of righteous judgment is coming.  The DAY OF THE LORD must come.  Keep us from the foolishness that would seek salvation in idols and other things found in the creation.  Keep us from making small things great and great things small.  Keep us from pursuing more our addictions and false religions as things get difficult and instead, grant to us new minds and hearts that we may seek YOU and only YOU for our salvation and hope. 

LORD send to us a revival, renewal, restoration, and reformation.  Lord come now.  Amen

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