Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 5 & 6

Lord, hear the deep cries of my heart. 

Lord, you do not delight or take pleasure in the insane rebellion of humanity towards YOU and your KINGDOM.  Lord, convert and cripple Isis for they are bloodthirsty and follow a lie.  

Pour out your eternal and blood-bought promises upon us and lead us into a lifestyle of loving right relationships.  Allow me to see the right decisions I need to make in order to do your will upon the earth. 

Help me to take my refuge in you and know your joy today.  Be our shield this day against all the plans of the forces of darkness.  

Lord, do not send me away but embrace me this day as I see the trouble that lies ahead.  How long Lord before I can see YOUR path through all the problems I face?

For the sake of your blood-bought loving promises come now and show me the path of your righteousness.  

Lord, comfort me for my sorrow is deep and overwhelming.  Be my helper this day. 

Thank You Lord for hearing my cries.  Amen

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