Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 119:1-24

LORD, of Abraham, David, and Paul may you be honored for giving us the gift of developing lifestyles based the healthy principles of your law and gospel.  

Allow me to seek you with all my heart and guard the salvation history of your WORD in my soul.   You have given us true revelation that we might respond to it in faith and develop our way of life from its wisdom.   Help me be consistent in applying the Scriptures to my life.  

Lord, I will strive to follow your WORD, help me feel your presence close to me moment by moment.  Forgive me when I fall short.  

Lord, help me to keep my ways pure, seek you above everything else, have a good memory that will bring to mind your great truths, help me to meditate and focus all my attention on the TRUTH you have given me and have true joy in learning your WORD. 

Provide me the strength and ability to be able to understand and apply your law and gospel into my daily words and actions.  Help me to have a deep desire to have a deeper and more profound comprehension of the Scriptures.  Let your WORDS be my counselors today.   Amen 

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