Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 37

Lord, help me not worry and be anxious about people who plan and perform dark deeds of immorality and hatred.  

Remind me that they will fade and wither and your truth will endure to all generations.  

Help me to rely on you this day and seek to do acts of loving kindness to all that I meet today.   Make me a friend of that which is sane, stable, and spiritual in my life this day.  

Give me a vision of you that fills me with joy,   Allow the desires of my heart to be in line with the wise and loving desires of your heart.

Lord, act now in my life and let your will be done through me this day.  I give to you my words, actions, and attitudes to use for kingdom good.

Bring your light to my life.

Allow me to find rest and refuge in you and grant me patience and peace.   Keep my heart from fear due to the injustice and insanity that seems to dominate everything "East of Eden".  

Keep me from frustration and bitter anger.   These can only lead to  evil.  Help me to trust in your sovereign plan working everything towards the eventual good.  

You will cause the proud to be defeated and the humble to prevail. 

Raise up the peacemakers and let us delight in seeing all things reconciled to your kingdom plan.

Those who hate and abuse will be defeated and judged, but those who seek the ways of the Lord in peace and love will remain forever in your presence.   

Help me keep in mind LORD,  your full and final victory.   

Lord have mercy.  Amen

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