Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 93 & 96

LORD, you are the absolute and total ruler over every atom of the universe and are Eternal, everlasting, infinite, without limits in your wisdom, strength, goodness, or power.  Help me, and all the church be set aside to trust in what you have decreed and to live on the basis of that reality. 

Lord, I sing of your steadfast love and faithfulness this day.  Let all the earth be filled with your people being in awe of the greatness of your character, compassion, and competence.   Grant us the courage to tell others of your great salvation through your suffering on the cross.

Lord help us see that all other religions and explanations of life are worthless and are not worthy of worship.  Help us not depend on human leaders or governments to save us. 

Lord, send a revival, renewal, reformation, and restoration to all the families, cultures, and nations of the earth.  Open the eyes of all humanity to your wonder, greatness, and glory.  Let all the people acknowledge YOUR truth and love.   Let all the Kings of the earth come to kiss YOUR feet. 

Help us live in the light that a fair and just judgment day is coming in which you will hold every person morally responsible for their deeds.  Grant us forgiveness in YOUR sacrifice and resurrection but with a deep desire to repent of our morally evil ways and lack of love.

Allow us to proclaim that YOU LORD, are the ruler of all things and that your KINGDOM will be fully manifested on the earth.  Eden will be restored on steroids.  A new heaven and earth in which righteousness will dwell will be seen. 

LORD, you are slow in bringing judgment because you await all nations and cultures to repent.  Provide massive repentance in each of our hearts and also in every culture and community on the planet.  Rain down on us repentance.   Take from us our hearts of stone and make of them hearts of tender and sensitive flesh.  Lord, save us!  Be glorified in our salvation and not in our just destruction.  Lord, have mercy.   Amen

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