Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 30 & 32.

Lord, you have saved me from the desires of the dark lord and given me life, instead of death.  YOU heard my cries for help and restored me.    

I sing to you, my KING and FRIEND.   YOU have turned my weeping into the JOY of knowing you have had mercy and compassion on me.  

LORD, you will allow me to never be moved from your acceptance and love.  LORD, be merciful to me and my helper.  Help me to find in you gladness even in the midst of my mourning. 

Eternal lover of my soul, in the suffering of the Messiah Jesus, you have forgiven my grave and serious moral transgressions and covered my lack of love with your love.  

Bring to me a deeper and more true conviction and confession of my sins that I might love you more for your abundant grace that has forgiven me.  

Be the place that I go when I am afraid.  Be my safe place.  My refuge at my darkest hours.  Get me through my worst of times.  Help me hear the promises of your gospel when my troubles are the worst. 

Instruct and counsel me LORD.  Grant that I will listen and submit to your SPIRIT and WORD.   Surround me with your unfailing blood-promises and assurance of your unending passion for my soul.  

Allow me LORD to feel gladness and joy as I remember all you have done and are doing.   

YOUR kingdom come!  YOUR will be done!  Come quickly, LORD Jesus.  

Lord have mercy.  Amen

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