Friday, December 4, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 16 & 17

Preserve my faith, hope, and love this day.  Let me find a shelter in your promises Lord.  You are the source of all good in me.  Be the Master of my heart, head, and hands.  

Let me be encouraged by those who walk consistently lives worthy of the gospel.  Grant to me the ability to see your work in the lives of your people. 

Purify my heart of all idols.  Let me not make anything in my life an ultimate concern but YOU and YOU alone.  

Remind me of the wonder of your eternal kingdom and that it is my promised home.  In light of the glory and goodness of your presence let me place this present life in right perspective.  

Guide me moment by moment.  Holy Spirit, speak to me in my deepest part of my being the truth of the gospel that I might live by the TRUTH.   Help me not give in to fear but fill my heart with trust in your promises.  Remind me of the reality and power of your resurrection as a firm rational foundation for faith. 

Show me the lifestyle that will produce the most awareness of your presence, experience of your joy, and effectiveness for your kingdom.  

Lord, defend the innocent and oppressed this day.  Allow those given to violence to lose their ability to do harm.  Cripple and convert those who attempt to bring terror and death to the innocent.  

Grant that I will be a peacemaker.  Provide me a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Help me not lose my focus on striving to live a life worthy of the gospel. 

Lord, be my refuge this day and help me not feel overwhelmed with what must be faced and done.  Hear my cry to you and respond with concrete help.  Open my eyes to see the faithfulness and greatness of your love. 

Help me know that nothing can separate me from your passionate love for me in the gospel of grace.   Hide me in your mercy and love.  

Defend me from the dark lord who like a lion wanting to devour my soul and bring your victory at the cross to make the darkness flee from me.  Give me the wisdom to not give in to temptation.  Give me a love for living right.   

Help me see your face more clearly today, allow me to be deeply fulfilled by your likeness, and help my heart respond in love while my lifestyle is one of consistently following you.  Lord have mercy us my life for good.  Amen

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