Monday, December 14, 2015

Lord come to us now

True and Eternal Spirit, maker of all the universe and KING of the cosmos help me this day to be aware that you are over me, under me, around me, and in me.  Let the illusion of a secular world fade away and my connection to eternity be felt.

God of Abraham, David, and Paul, hear my heart this day as I seek for words to express my inner soul and spirit to you.  Help me know myself that I might tell you truly of my desires.

Lord, you are STRENGTH so come to me in my weakness.

Lord, you are WISDOM so come to me in my confusion.

Lord, you are LOVE so come to me in my indifference.

Comfort my broken heart and lonely soul this day and allow your presence be a help to me in my loss.

Allow what I do today not be in vain, but have some impact for good for your kingdom.

Help your Church to revive, renew, and reform.

Help me to revive, renew, and reform.

Open the eyes of the blind, allow the deaf to hear, and replace the hearts of stone with hearts of flesh.

Come HOLY SPIRIT and let us see LORD JESUS!


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