Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meditations upon Psalm 72

LORD Messiah Jesus, may you continue to provide justice and righteousness to your people. Help us to bring to the poor protection and deliverance to those oppressed and in need. 

Take from those who exploit and hurt the innocent the power to bring such terror to them. Convert or cripple those who do harm to the poor. 

Help us to bring your gospel to the poor in spirit and those lost in the darkness of false teaching. 

Raise up leaders who will reflect your righteousness and be peacemakers upon the earth. Shower upon us, abundant grace by sending us righteous governments, revival, reformation, and renewal.

Lord Messiah allow your gospel to go to all nations, cultures, and people. Allow the power of your gospel to become transforming in individual lives, families, communities, and nations. May all human authorities be deeply influenced by YOU and seek to do your will on earth as in heaven. Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven. 

Grant that our leaders at every level of authority would provide the poor with justice in the courts and compassion in their suffering. May those in bondage be delivered and freed. Allow your people to care about the lives of those who are most vulnerable and week. Lord, help us understand that aborting children for personal peace and prosperity are not your will. Protect the unborn Lord.

Lord, may all peoples seek your salvation and truth. May your fame fill the earth. Cause all peoples and cultures to be blessed by your great grace. Fill the earth with the true knowledge of you. 

May you find pleasure and joy in your people. For you alone do wonderous things in all creation. May the whole earth be saturated with the true revelation of your character, compassion and competence. Cause every tongue around the world bring to your worship in spirit and truth. Lord be glorified. Amen

Lord, allow your gospel to transform me in new ways. 

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