Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Meditation on Luke 1:26-38

Meditation on Luke 1:26-38

Creator God and Great Redeemer, you chose a virgin named Mary to be your faith partner in bringing into history your promise of Salvation.   The SON choose to be born of HIS mother instead of a mother and father choosing to give birth to a child.  

Lord let the reality of your commitment to us by this coming in the flesh to dwell with us provide us hope to not be afraid.  Help us see you have come to be our Savior, our Deliverer, our Joshua.  May this give us confidence in your compassion and grace for us. 

In your commitment to us, you will win for us a kingdom that will never end.  A return of Eden on steroids.  A renewed heaven and earth in which things are done right and out of which your great peace and Shalom flow.  The end of the curse and the full experience of your blessing.  

Lord, how can all this be?  

Nothing is impossible for YOU!  Oh, all controlling and powerful SPIRIT HOLY, come now upon us and give us vision and faith in your great love for us found in our LORD Jesus.  Overshadow us and take control of every fiber of our being.  Allow the character and compassion of the risen Messiah to be born in us this day anew.   Let is be to us according to the WORD your promise.   

Let Christ be seen in us this day.  Amen

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