Friday, December 18, 2015

Meditation on 2 Peter 1:12-21

Lord, help me remember that the only wise life is to live out commitment to your gospel through acts of grace-filled love.

Help me live today in light that I will die and only have this short sojourn to try to make every effort to encourage trust in you and the truth of your sacrifice for our sins. 

Lord, you have not called us to follow clever myths and false stories that inspire faith and hope.  You have given to us evidence by the witness of people who beheld your glory and prophecies of your coming into the world that help us see that all that happened in your sojourn during your incarnation was in fact an invasion of your redeeming love into this dark world.   Help me meditate upon the evidence that you have provided that my trust in your truth may grow.  

Help me to see and understand your word today as a special gift of grace to me inspired by your Spirit through the agency of chosen men.  Lord allow me to be able to respond to your word in a faithful way.  

Lord thank you for the truth I know and help me understand more of the truth.  Amen

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