Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Meditation on Isaiah 8:16-9:1

Lord, let me be bound to what you have said and to your teachings.  Grant that I may be a true disciple.  Help me to trust you in the dark and when there seems to be no sign of your activity around me.  Grant that I will patiently wait for you to act in a way consistent with your love and promises, knowing that you cannot fail.  When you seem far away let me know that you are near.  

Keep me away from seeking insight or power other than in you alone.  Help me not replace YOU in my life with some illusion or false promise.  Let me seek wisdom from you in prayer and not from the culture around me or from a false god.   Those who do not speak out of your WORD, are without true light or understanding about the most vital of issues.  Save me from the way of rebellion and spiritual distress.  Help me to dwell in light and not be lost to darkness. 

May my light be YOU, LORD Jesus.  May you be the incarnation of every promise from God to me.  Help me to be your true disciple this day.   Amen 

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